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Adventure Catechism 21-30

Adventure Catechism Lesson 21 - What Is Penance?

Learn how penance heals the wounds and habits brought on by sin, and leads us to true repentance.

Adventure Catechism Lesson 22 - What is the Act of Contrition?

Understand what it means to be contrite, and how important a role humility plays in the forgiveness of sin.

Adventure Catechism Lesson 23 - What is Confirmation?

Just as the Apostles received the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, and were empowered to change the world, the Sacrament of Confirmation bestows on us the grace to do the same.

Adventure Catechism Lesson 24 - What are the Gifts of the Holy Spirit?

We aren't always aware of the amazing graces that God has made available for us in Baptism and Confirmation. Understand the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and experience God's power in our daily lives!

Adventure Catechism Lesson 25 - What are the Virtues?

The more we practice the virtues, the better our walk with God and others will be! Learn about the cardinal virtues and how they guide our actions.

Adventure Catechism Lesson 26 - What Is Matrimony?

Children will gain understanding as to how Holy Matrimony makes a man and woman one as husband and wife, and prepares them to face life together in unity with God.

Adventure Catechism Lesson 27 - What is the Sacrament of Holy Orders?

Some people are called to be an instrument of God among His people. Learn about this important sacrament, and the role holy priests play in the Church.

Adventure Catechism Lesson 28 - What is the Anointing of the Sick?

Learn how God provides for His people when we are very sick or when our life is coming to an end. A beautiful understanding of God's great compassion and mercy.

Adventure Catechism Lesson 29 - What are the Beatitudes?

Jesus' teaching on the way to live a happy life and the promises of God are a powerful reminder of heavenly values and the reality of eternal life.

Adventure Catechism Lesson 30 - What is a Vocation?

God prepares a path before us, and we can find it when we give ourselves to Him. Learn all about vocations, and how to understand God's will in our life.