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Video Catechism

VCAT Collection Trailer

VCAT Collection Trailer

Video Catechism Lesson 01 - The Creed

Is there a difference between believing there is a god and believing in God?

Video Catechism Lesson 02 - The Pursuit

"I fled Him, down the nights and down the days. I fled Him, down the arches of the years. I fled Him, down the labyrinthine ways of my own mind and in the midst of tears. I hid from Him…" ---Hound of Heaven, by Francis Thompson

Video Catechism Lesson 03 - 38 Hours

After an earthquake leveled his son's school building, a father digs through the rubble for 38 straight hours, clinging to the hope that his boy is still alive.

Video Catechism Lesson 04 - Creation

What are the chances of life on earth to have just "happened"? What are the chances of the universe to be in perfect balance to allow life to exist?

Video Catechism Lesson 07 - That 1 Day

Jesus Christ's ONE DAY on the cross made our ETERNITY in Heaven possible.

Video Catechism Lesson 08 - Where's the Body?

Sempronis and Alexander, the Roman soldiers assigned to guard Jesus' tomb, have a problem. The body is gone. What do they tell Pilate?

Video Catechism Lesson 09 - You're Dead. Now What?

Heaven. Hell. Purgatory. Particular Judgment. Final Judgment. What happens when we die?

Video Catechism Lesson 22 - Get Up and Walk.

In this contemporary re-enactment of Mark 2:1-12, we see the need for us to bring each other to Christ for forgiveness and healing.

Video Catechism Lesson 25 - Call Waiting

Meet Will. He likes God and he likes girls. He thinks he might be called to the priesthood, but doesn't know for sure.

Video Catechism Lesson 37 - Covet

Follow three people who struggle with being content and come to resolution through the realization of their inherent worth and God-given blessings.

Video Catechism Lesson 38 - Telling the Truth

Writer/Director Andrew Hyatt shares his journey from living a lie to living the truth.

Video Catechism Lesson 39 - To do it or Not to do it

Bob Rice, host of The Faith Show, has two special guests, and when it comes to sex, they couldn't be more opposed to each other. See how he handles them and who he calls in for some added help.

Video Catechism Lesson 40 - Word of Mouth

Two girls are living on opposite ends of the social spectrum. One seems to have it all and one is reminded every day that she doesn't. Then something happens that closes the gap between them.

Video Catechism Lesson 41 - StealingTime

We always ask for more hours in a day, but what if the hours we've been given aren't enough because they've been stolen? And what if we're the ones doing the stealing? Explore the possibility that we can take back time by doing one simple but difficult thing.

Video Catechism Lesson 42 - Judgmental Moose - Sloth

See Richard. Richard sits...and sits...and sits while the clock ticks...and ticks...and ticks.

Video Catechism Lesson 43 - Judgmental Moose - Pride

A pretty girl plus some ugly pants equals a confrontation with pride.

Video Catechism Lesson 44 - Judgmental Moose - Gluttony

Can Richard eat it all? Should he eat it all? Isn't there something better he can do with his time?

Video Catechism Lesson 45 - Judgmental Moose - Greed

What happens when Richard wants more and there's a little kid behind him who just wants to take her turn?

Video Catechism Lesson 46 - Judgmental Moose - Envy

Pretty girl has a pretty car and Richard drives a beater. What happens next isn't pretty.

Video Catechism Lesson 47 - Judgmental Moose - Wrath

It's okay to take out your anger on the beloved school mascot, right? It's just a little knock with a golf cart. What harm could it do?

Video Catechism Lesson 48 - Judgmental Moose - Lust

The pretty girl is back and Richard has a decision to make.

Video Catechism Lesson 49 - Mercy is Greater

In our struggle to believe in Jesus' radical love for us, it's important to remember that His mercy is greater than any fear.

Video Catechism Lesson 51 - The Green Rubber Band

Lesley tells the story of her total surrender to God for the most unusual reason at the most unsuspecting time.

Video Catechism Lesson 52 - Prayer

Teens from the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, West Virginia talk about prayer.