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Fill In The Blanks

Drag and drop the answers to the blanks in the question to play the game...

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  • 1.

    A man is ordained as a priest in the sacrament of {{2fill}}.

  • 2.

    When Jesus first gave us the {{2fill}}, He told the Apostles to, "Do this in {{2fill}} of me."

  • 3.

    Without the sacrament of Holy Orders, there would be no one to absolve us from sin in {{2fill}}.

  • 4.

    Only a {{2fill}} can ordain someone in Holy Orders.

  • 5.

    A married man may be ordained as a {{2fill}}, but he can not do all the things a priest can do.

Answer Options
  • Holy Orders
  • Pope
  • Deacon
  • Priest
  • Confession
  • Matrimony
  • Bishop
  • Baptism
  • memory
  • Eucharist