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Fill In The Blanks

1. Jesus appeared to His disciples many times over the {{2fill}} after His Resurrection.

2. Jesus spent this time preparing the apostles for their coming work of {{2fill}} and building up His Church.

3. On the day of His Ascension, Jesus led his disciples and {{2fill}} to a slope of Mount Olivet.

4. Before leaving them, Jesus talked with His disciples about how they were to preach to all people and baptize them in the name of {{2fill}}.

5. Jesus also told His apostles that He would {{2fill}}.

6. Jesus sits at the {{2fill}} hand of God the Father almighty.

Answer Options
ten years
feeding the poor
the angels
His Blessed Mother
the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
forty days
Mary Magdalene
spreading the gospel
stay on earth forever
be with them always