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Wisdom of Solomon 19

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Wisdom of Solomon 19

The Red Sea

1But the ungodly were assailed to the end by pitiless anger,

for Goda knew in advance even their future actions,

2that, though they themselves had permittedb thy people to depart

and hastily sent them forth,

they would change their minds and pursue them.

3For while they were still busy at mourning,

and were lamenting at the graves of their dead,

they reached another foolish decision,

and pursued as fugitives those whom they had begged and compelled to depart.

4For the fate they deserved drew them on to this end,

and made them forget what had happened,

in order that they might fill up the punishment which their torments still lacked,

5and that thy people might experiencec an incredible journey,

but they themselves might meet a strange death.

God Guides and Protects His People

6For the whole creation in its nature was fashioned anew,

complying with thy commands,

that thy childrend might be kept unharmed.

7The cloud was seen overshadowing the camp,

and dry land emerging where water had stood before,

an unhindered way out of the Red Sea,

and a grassy plain out of the raging waves,

8where those protected by thy hand passed through as one nation,

after gazing on marvelous wonders.

9For they ranged like horses,

and leaped like lambs,

praising thee, O Lord, who didst deliver them.

10For they still recalled the events of their sojourn,

how instead of producing animals the earth brought forth gnats,

and instead of fish the river spewed out vast numbers of frogs.

11Afterward they saw also a new kinde of birds,

when desire led them to ask for luxurious food;

12for, to give them relief, quails came up from the sea.

The Punishment of the Egyptians

13The punishments did not come upon the sinners

without prior signs in the violence of thunder,

for they justly suffered because of their wicked acts;

for they practiced a more bitter hatred of strangers.

14Others had refused to receive strangers when they came to them,

but these made slaves of guests who were their benefactors.

15And not only so, but punishment of some sort will come upon the former

for their hostile reception of the aliens;

16but the latter, after receiving them with festal celebrations,

afflicted with terrible sufferings

those who had already shared the same rights.

17They were stricken also with loss of sight-

just as were those at the door of the righteous man-

when, surrounded by yawning darkness,

each tried to find the way through his own door.

A New Harmony in Nature

18For the elements changedf places with one another,

as on a harp the notes vary the nature of the rhythm,

while each note remains the same.g

This may be clearly inferred from the sight of what took place.

19For land animals were transformed into water creatures,

and creatures that swim moved over to the land.

20Fire even in water retained its normal power,

and water forgot its fire-quenching nature.

21Flames, on the contrary, failed to consume

the flesh of perishable creatures that walked among them,

nor did they melth the crystalline, easily melted kind of heavenly food.


22For in everything, O Lord, thou hast exalted and glorified thy people;

and thou hast not neglected to help them at all times and in all places.